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Tests and Certificates

To ensure that our products meet the highest safety standards they are subject to internal and external testing.

In accordance with the applicable laws the articles are tested during production as well as by independent institutions responsible for controlling the quality of market products. Hence we work with the Polish Testing and Certification Centre and the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, which conducts the lab and chemical tests of our products.

We also have our own laboratory, where we test the products - amongst others, we conduct utility and mechanical tests and control, for example, the capacity of feeding accessories, we check the accuracy of electronical equipment, the durability of toys, we use the cylinder for small parts or test the user safety of electrical equipment.

We base the production of our accessories on internal management systems as well as global standards of ISO9001 (ISO certification) certified companies. We stay in touch with the National Retail Inspectorate (PIH), the Sanitary-epidemiological Stations and the Toy Trade Association. All our products meet EU norms. In 2014 Canpol was subject to an external and independent quality control audit by the TÜV NORD Poland certification body and obtained certification confirming that it introduced and applied Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

Mums working at Canpol use our products when caring for their own children and share their knowledge.

They also collect information from other Mums - Customers of the company and monitor the opinions of shoppers and internet users. The final analysis allows us to evaluate the level of practicality of a product and its appeal to mother and child.
Additionally, we ensure the quality and safety of our products by creating a special programme for our Customers. We supply our Customers with test samples, listen to their needs and opinions and on this basis we improve the products. Thanks to the programme and based on their knowledge and experience we co-create the Canpol babies brand with Mums from all over Poland. They support us immensely.
Ensuring our products are of the highest quality and safety means that Mums can trust our brand and the company can develop dynamically. The awards we receive every year from prestigious institutions and monthly business magazines as well as the most read parental magazines in Poland confirm our position (more about the awards in the 'About the Company' section).

Our position with respect to BPA

In view of the negative opinion of the European Commission regarding a chemical compound called bisphenol A (BPA) found in polycarbonate (PC) bottles for feeding babies, we have made a decision to incorporate in our polycarbonate products equivalent materials made of alternative raw materials (e.g., polypropylene, tritan, silicone) that do not contain BPA.

Therefore, we warrant to our Customers that all Canpol babies products are made from carefully selected and safe raw materials and are free of BPA. The ”BPA free” label indicating that the product does not contain bisphenol A is affixed in a visible place on packaging of all Canpol products for feeding babies.

Canpol babies accessories are also tested on a regular basis to ensure full quality control at each stage of production, starting from raw materials, through to the production process and ending with the final product. The results of such tests confirm that they are completely safe.

At the same time, we would like to emphasize that prior to putting products made of alternative raw materials on the market, Canpol babies polycarbonate baby feeding accessories were subjected to stringent testing for the presence of BPA in accordance with the standard in force in the Republic of Poland and the EU. It is worth pointing out that the content of BPA in Canpol babies feeding products was significantly lower than that allowed by the European Standard.


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