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When to start introducing solid foods?

In accordance with WHO recommendations, solid foods should be introduced when the baby is six months old. Before that the baby's kidneys and bowels aren't ready. A too early start on solids could also lead to allergic reactions. Solids, such as mousses and purees, should at first be treated as additional nutrition and you should continue feeding milk as the main, basic nutritional element.

You can start introducing solid foods when the baby is able to sit straight, has doubled his birthweight and tries to put his hands and objects into his mouth. Don't wait too long before starting your baby on solids, because it's disadvantageous for the baby's health. Children who have been fed too long only with milk may develop vitamin A and D, zinc and iron deficiencies. In addition, after six months the baby needs to learn how to bite and chew as a condition for the proper development of the bite.


Mum of 11 year old twins Artur and Szymon and 7 year old Bartek, 11 years of professional experience

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