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What kind of solid foods should I start giving to my baby?

In the beginning of starting solids give your baby thoroughly mashed or pureed, and cooked food (not fried!). Start with baby rice, which is very gentle in taste and has many valuable nutritional ingredients. You can also give cooked, mashed fruit and vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, potato, squash, apple, pear; you can also treat your baby to mashed, non-cooked, bananas).

After two weeks try introducing solids twice a day, in little portions. Give the same foods as in the beginning. Now the mashes can be a bit more rough-grained than before. After a month you can add fish, poultry, jogurt, liver and boiled eggs to the menu. Instead of blending the food, just mash it with a fork. Don't add salt, sugar or spices to the foods. If you started feeding your baby at 5 months old, wait until he's 6 months old before treating him to food products with gluten.

If you use readymade purees in jars, check that they don't include sugar or preservatives. Don't keep food leftovers or flour-based foods that have been mixed with water or milk.

When your baby is 9 months old, treat him to 3 meals a day as well as small snacks (e.g. cucumber, biscuits without added sugar). You can also start giving vegetables and fruit cut in bite-sized bits.


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