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How to take care of intimate hygiene during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, the intimate area is particularly prone to infections. Pregnancy hormones cause the change the vagina's acidic environment to alkaline. Alkaline environment is attractive to growth of bacteria responsible for yeast infections and inflammation. In order not to irritate the intimate are with regular, scented soap or shower gel, I used a special intimate wash with high pH level (5-5,5) that includes lactic acid. It protects the vagina from pathogenic bacteria.

The way you wash your intimate area affects its health. Always wash from front to back (from vagina to anus). This way you won't spread bacteria from the perineum and rectal area to your reproductive tract. Try not to wash your intimate area more than twice a day, as too intense washing disturbs the protective barrier of the vagina. If you feel itching and burning in the vaginal area, take a shower instead of a hot bath. If the unpleasant symptoms don't pass, you should see a gynaecologist.

If you've suffered from vaginal infections repeatedly in the past and start feeling itching and burning again, stop using synthetic underwear and use cotton underwear instead. Synthetic fibres don't allow good air flow and can therefore cause overheating of the intimate area, whereas warmth and moist create a perfect growing environment for pathogenic bacteria. If you use panty liners, choose ones that are air-permeable. Don't use tampons or vaginal douching, as they destroy the bacterial flora of the vagina.


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