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When can the child start drinking from a cup?

When the baby is 8 months old, he becomes very independent. He reaches for the bottle and insists on sipping drink on his own. Running with a bottle with teat isn't safe because the child can choke, whereas the constant use of the teat makes the child use it as a comforter. Another disadvantage is that the prolonged use of feeding teat may cause bite problems. A toddler who constantly drinks sweetened drinks from the bottle may also develop dental caries. Drinking from a cup, however, will teach him how to swallow and breath correctly while drinking.

You can start teaching your baby how to drink from a cup when he's able to sit and eat from a spoon. Some children are ready to start cup drinking already at 6 months old, while others can take as long as one year.


Mum of 5 year old Daria and 2 year old Lenka, 16 years of professional experience

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