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Preparing and heating feed

How to prepare the feed?

Consult your doctor about which infant formula to choose. When buying a product, always check the expiration date. Use low-mineral bottled water to make the feed, and make sure the water is certificated. I don't recommend using boiled tap water (it's too contaminated), or regular mineral water (your baby's kidneys aren't yet developed enough to process such a large amount of minerals). You should boil the water for 2-3 minutes. When preparing milk formula, follow the instructions on the packet, measure the powder only with the scoop provided in the packet, and add the exact number of scoops of powder recommended by the producer. Don't condense the milk (your baby won't be able to digest too condensed ingredients, and he might develop colic or diarrhea) and don't dilute it, either (otherwise your baby might suffer from vitamin and mineral deficiency). Cool the boiled water to about 37C, add the powder and mix the feed thoroughly. You shouldn't re-heat the formula. Before feeding your baby, remember to check the temperature of the formula, preferably by tipping a few drops on your wrist or forearm - the milk should feel warm, but not hot. Mix the feed directly before feeding. If you think it's too cold or you have to prepare it much earlier, use an electric bottle warmer.

What not to do with the formula?

Never keep the powder packet open. Use an open package within a week. Don't boil the formula, only the water (if you want, you can heat the milk later in a bottle warmer). Don't keep the feed leftovers and give them to your child later. Don't leave feed leftovers in the bottle in the sink.

How to heat the feed?

Put the bottle to the bottle warmer that heats it to about 37C, i.e. the appropriate serving temperature. Don't pour too much water into the warmer (follow the producer's instructions carefully), you could scald yourself with the hot water. I don't recommend heating the feed in a microwave - it heats unequally and some parts of the feed might be too hot for the baby, which could result in scalds. You can also use a regular pot with water to heat the feed. When travelling, you can feed your baby thanks to a travel warmer, which can be plugged into a car's cigarette lighter.


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