Anti-colic wide neck bottle EasyStart "Fruits" 240 ml

Code: 35/213

A new, transparent bottle made of the highest quality polypropylene. It is durable and safe, meeting the highest quality standards.

Designed in collaboration with experienced mums to facilitate alternate feeding without the risk of frequent colic.

New anti-colic valve.

For problem-free venting of the teat, reducing a risk of colic.


Teat shape similar to mum's breast

Facilitating alternate breast and bottle feeding


Wide neck and durable, precise scale

For easy preparing of formula


New, highest quality of material (PP)

Ensuring bottle transparency, durability and safety (BPA 0%)


The bottles are compatible with a manual and electric EasyStart breast pump. By offering a possibility to extract milk directly to a bottle, it facilitates easy feeding of the baby with freshly extracted mum's milk.

Standard equipment includes a silicone, anti-colic, quick flow teat (3-6m+).




The bottle manufactured in the European Union.



The product from the Fruits collection - check other products in this collection.