Anti-colic glass bottle EasyStart 330 ml "Forest Friends"

Code: 79/003

A new, wide neck glass EasyStart bottle is safe and super light. The bottle, manufactured with a new technology for production of borosilicate glass, is ideally all-round smooth (without a seam).


High-quality, durable and transparent glass is

resistant to temperature changes (freezing, cooking)


Made of natural, fully recyclable material


New anti-colic valve, for problem-free

venting of the teat, reducing a risk of colic



Teat shape similar to mum's breast, facilitating alternate breast and bottle feeding



Wide opening and durable and precise scale enable good hold and easy filling.


Glass bottles are recommended for the youngest children, as they are easier to keep clean and they maintain a desired food temperature for a longer time.

For safety reasons a glass bottle should always be hold by an adult during feeding.

Standard equipment includes a silicone, anti-colic, quick flow teat (12m+).


Do not disinfect Canpol babies wide-neck glass bottles in sterilizers intended for microwave.

Product from the "Forest Friend" collection. See also other products from this collection.