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Bottle Feeding

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Feeding bottle with modified milk or breast milk with a symmetrical teat. The selection of a suitable teat is very important in the care and safety of the child.
How to choose a feeding teat?
21.10.2019 15:38

Are you planning to feed your baby with a bottle? You don't know which bottle teat to choose? Find out what is the difference between a rubber teat and a silicone teat, what shapes of teats we distinguish and how often we need to change feeding teats.

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The mother affectionately looks down at the infant, who is close the her chest to get natural mother's milk, which is the recommended food for the newborn.
Best breastfeeding positions
18.10.2019 14:38

Your position during breastfeeding should help the baby latch on to your breast. Remember to hold him as close to you as possible (the nipple can't slide out of your baby's mouth).

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Mom is sitting on the floor with her knees bent, holding the baby on her thighs. The child is holding a feeding bottle in his hands and drinking milk, looking at a smiling mom.
Best bottle feeding positions
17.10.2019 14:21

Is it time to feed your baby with a bottle? Familiarize yourself with the best bottle feeding items and find out which bottle to choose for your baby.

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Mum holds on hands the child who is lying on the shoulder for reflection after eating a meal. The infant looks around with its head raised high.
Burping after feeding
09.10.2019 14:24

Regardless of whether the baby is breastfed or bottle-fed, he also swallows air while eating, which makes the stomach fill faster and give him a feeling of fullness too soon.

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Mum hugs the child who has stuck to her breast for nutritious breast milk. Calm baby with open eyes eats food.
09.10.2019 15:47

Regardless of whether you are weaning the baby for health reasons, because of work, school, lack of strength for breastfeeding, or because the toddler is too big for it, it is a very difficult decision for both you and the baby.

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 A few weeks old baby is placed on the swollen mother's breast, its head is held in the right position supporting the correct positioning of the baby during breastfeeding.
Is it only breast fullness or is it already mastitis?
09.10.2019 16:05

During pregnancy, your breasts already produced food in the form of colostrum, but it was only after the birth of the child that the body launched the so-called "lactation control function".

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