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Young pregnant woman sitting on a pillow with legs crossed. The expectant mother holds her hands on her stomach and smiles. The woman is wearing pants and a t-shirt.
Pregnancy Fears of Future Parents

Responsibility for a new life may be a burden - as childbirth always means something new, unknown, and therefore arousing difficult emotions. A sense of lost freedom or longing for a previous, carefree life may appear. To overcome negative emotions, it is worthwhile to take a closer look at them.

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The woman is hugging her baby. Mum is standing next to the dresser in a gray dressing gown, holding a baby in a white body. The newborn baby is hugging his mother and sleeping well.
Postnatal hygiene

How long does postpartum bleeding last? How to care for the hygiene of intimate places at this time? What should disturb us during childbirth? Learn how to properly wash yourself during the puerperium. Check why you can't use tampons during postpartum bleeding.

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A young pregnant woman sitting comfortably on a curtained bed and hugging her belly gently. Next to her is a book and a glass bowl with fruits.
Take care of your health during pregnancy

Take care of your health Pregnancy is quite a challenge for a woman's body. It is a period during which various health problems may develop. Find out how to avoid them.

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The infant sleeping peacefully with a handle under its head. The child lying on the hands of parents who is holding him gently. Childcare is a multi-stage and complex process.
How to correctly hold the baby


Try to hold a newborn always in a horizontal position. You can try other positions from time to time, but remember that it's the baby's decision. You shouldn't deviate from the horizontal position unless the baby is feeling safe and comfortable. When he grows, you can start using more vertical positions.

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The newborn baby is lying on the bed on his back. The child lifting his arms up and moving his hands in anger. The infant opens its mouth wide and closes its eyes tightly when is crying.
Why does the baby cry?

Crying toddler spends all night's eyes awake. They wonder what the boy is still desperately demanding. Crying is a child's way of asking for help and signaling unmet needs. Babies usually cry when they are hungry or wet. They also cry at bedtime if they are excessively tired or agitated, which may make it difficult to fall asleep.

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Mum holds on hands the child who is lying on the shoulder for reflection after eating a meal. The infant looks around with its head raised high.
Burping after feeding

Regardless of whether the baby is breastfed or bottle-fed, he also swallows air while eating, which makes the stomach fill faster and give him a feeling of fullness too soon.

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The mother gently cuts the nails of a calmly sleeping child with the help of special scissors. Nail cutting is important in terms of preventing scratches.
Clipping baby's nails


Cutting nails, regardless of the child's age, is a real fear for every mother. We advise how to do this and how often to cut nails.

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On a white, small plate on the dresser lying a green soother with a rocking horse motif. The selection of a suitable teat is very important for the development of the speech apparatus.
What kind of soother should I choose?

Your baby sucks his mum's breast, thumb, the corner of a blanket. Sucking is one of the strongest instincts a baby comes to the world with. When sucking on something, your baby calms down, falls asleep and feels happy and safe.

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A small baby is put to the breast and is happy to drink mother's natural, nutritious milk. The baby is lying with a nipple in its mouth and his hand is holding the breast from which he is sucking milk.
Taking care of breasts during lactation

How often do you have to change breast pads? How to relieve breastfeeding during a food surge. Check what to look for when you are buying breast pads.

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The young mother stays with her newborn baby at home. The woman is hugging her newborn baby. The child cuddles the head into the shoulder of the parent and hugging the blue blanket, sleeping well.
How to ensure my baby a calm sleep?

When you are preparing your child for a longer night's sleep, try to eliminate the disturbing factors: street lamp lights, rays of the rising sun, flashes of car headlights. Tight curtains or blinds should be found in every children's room. If you live in a busy place, place the baby's bed in a quiet corner instead of by the window.

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A few-month-old baby is wearing navy blue pants and a striped long-sleeved body. The baby taking his first steps on all fours. Baby began his crawling adventure.
Crawling and the child's development - why is it so important?

Crawling is a very important phase in the development of your child. It's not only physical but also mental training for him. Therefore, encourage your baby to crawl, but never force him to it.

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A one year old child is standing in the kitchen with dishwasher and is pressing buttons on the control panel of the dishwasher. He is wearing blue trousers and a bright shirt. A navy ball lies on the floor.
A house safe for a baby

Keeping your baby safe is a difficult task. You must constantly be careful and anticipate his intentions. When my baby began to fall from his back to stomach, I had to watch closely whether the toddler fall down from the couch.

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A recently born baby with a wide smile ia sitting calmly in a baby car seat. Baby is wearing in a pink sweatshirt with tiny ears sewn on the hood.
Travelling games

Christmas is coming and many of us have a long journey to our family home. We adults are ready for it, but do our children know what awaits them?

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An infant with a big smile on his face is sitting on the floor and stares at the object in front of him. Mom is looking at her daughter and she's smiling.
When will my baby start talking?

Wondering when your child should start talking? Find out what the toddler's stages of speech development are and what should bother you.

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Colorful tablets are lying on the open hand. When you take more medications or dietary supplements, consult your doctor to avoid unwanted reactions.
Truths and myths about antibiotics

Your child is sick, are you wondering whether to give an antibiotic? You consider pros and cons heard "in the sandbox" or on the phone in conversation with your loved ones. Your baby is tiny and you don't want to give him a strong medicine. However, sometimes failing to do so can result in worse consequences.

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