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How to choose the right teether?
24.10.2019 15:31

Choosing a teether is an individual matter and depends on your child's needs and taste. It's best to let the child make choice on his own.

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What kind of soother should I choose?
18.10.2019 13:46

Your baby sucks his mum's breast, thumb, the corner of a blanket. Sucking is one of the strongest instincts a baby comes to the world with. When sucking on something, your baby calms down, falls asleep and feels happy and safe.

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How to correctly hold the baby
18.10.2019 09:09


Try to hold a newborn always in a horizontal position. You can try other positions from time to time, but remember that it's the baby's decision. You shouldn't deviate from the horizontal position unless the baby is feeling safe and comfortable. When he grows, you can start using more vertical positions.

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Hygiene of infant genitals
11.10.2019 09:30

In what direction should you wipe the girls' intimate places? How to properly careof a boy's genitals? Learn the hygiene rules of infants and young children.

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Going for a walk
10.10.2019 15:46


An everyday walk should be an integral part of every child's life. To make it a pleasure for both mother and baby, we suggest how to prepare for it.

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Why does the baby cry?
17.10.2019 10:39

Crying toddler spends all night's eyes awake. They wonder what the boy is still desperately demanding. Crying is a child's way of asking for help and signaling unmet needs. Babies usually cry when they are hungry or wet. They also cry at bedtime if they are excessively tired or agitated, which may make it difficult to fall asleep.

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