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How to choose a feeding teat?
21.10.2019 15:38

Are you planning to feed your baby with a bottle? You don't know which bottle teat to choose? Find out what is the difference between a rubber teat and a silicone teat, what shapes of teats we distinguish and how often we need to change feeding teats.

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Best breastfeeding positions
18.10.2019 14:38

Your position during breastfeeding should help the baby latch on to your breast. Remember to hold him as close to you as possible (the nipple can't slide out of your baby's mouth).

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Best bottle feeding positions
17.10.2019 14:21

Is it time to feed your baby with a bottle? Familiarize yourself with the best bottle feeding items and find out which bottle to choose for your baby.

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What should you give your baby to drink?
10.10.2019 11:16

How can you check if your child is thirsty? What is the best way to give a child under one year of age a drink? Does a breastfed child need to drink water? Check when you can give your children juices and fruit nectars. Find out why giving children to drink compotes and herbal teas is good for them.

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Breastfeeding while out
10.10.2019 09:42

Perhaps during pregnancy you were wondering how it would feed your baby outside. Do you always go home at feeding times? What if you are very far away? Do you have to just feed where you are? You have the right to do it, on the other hand, not every place allows it. Relax, let's sort the tidings and the chaos will disappear.

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Feeding twins
10.10.2019 09:56

Twins are double responsibilities, but also double joy. You certainly have a lot of concerns about upbringing or feeding. Don't stress. You are not the only one. There are a lot of twins in the world. Since other mothers have managed, you will certainly be able to do it too.

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