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Quality and Safety

Acting on the basis of the mission of our company: "Together we create the experience of beautiful motherhood", we take particular care to ensure that all products of the Canpol babies brand are distinguished by high quality, attractive and modern design and meet the normative and legal requirements in terms of safety.

The quality and safety of our products are supervised at several stages:

When designing our products, we comply with the safety requirements specified in European standards. Any suggestions from parents are valuable to us and every detail is important. For example, the soother shield must be of a certain size to eliminate the risk of choking; the holes in the shield should be of a suitable diameter to prevent the child's finger from getting stuck.

The product prototype is thoroughly tested by our in-house New Products Laboratory. We perform functional and mechanical tests, appropriately selected for the Canpol babies assortment. With feeding bottles, we conduct tests of resistance to cooking and use in the microwave oven and dishwasher, we check the accuracy of the scale, tightness, teats venting and durability of printing.

For toys, we verify the operation of specific functions, look for small parts or sharp edges, carry out impact and strength tests, select a cleaning method. Products that pass the first phase of testing are then tested for safety and chemical requirements in accredited and internationally recognized laboratories.

Quality control of deliveries, supplier audits

The quality of supplied materials and semi-finished products is controlled by the Quality Assurance Department, which has a Quality Control Laboratory. Only safe materials with appropriate tests or certificates are allowed to be used in (the) production. We conduct regular inspection visits to our suppliers.

Quality control of production and finished product

The Quality Assurance Department controls the quality of products and their compliance with approved standards and the correctness of production processes. Product tests are based on inspection plans, and all externally certified tests and certificates are regularly renewed.

Cooperation with external institutions and associations

Caring for constant access to the latest knowledge and information, we cooperate with: market surveillance authorities, including Trade Inspections, Sanitary and Epidemiological Stations, Office of Competition and Consumer Protection, Polish Association of the Toy and Children's Goods Industry, World Association of Bottle and Soother Manufacturers (WSAP), The World Association of Manufacturers of Bottles and Teats; the REACH and CLP Consultation Point under the auspices of the Ministry of Enterprise and Technology; global experts in modern technologies, product requirements, planned changes in standards and legal regulations.

Consumer tests

Canpol has developed a product testing program that allows us to collect feedback from our customers. On its basis, we determine the level of functionality and attractiveness of our products and we are able to improve them. Thanks to this, we co-create the Canpol babies brand with Mums from all over Poland, based on their knowledge and experience.


Canpol is constantly improving the quality and production standards of its products. We are constantly improving our activities by working on the basis of the following international ISO standards (International Organization for Standardization):

ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems: We have been awarded ISO 9001 certificate by the certification body Bureau Veritas Certification since 2009. It confirms that the Quality Management System at Canpol has been recognised as compliant with the requirements of ISO 9001 in the field of product and packaging design, production and sale of accessories for children and nursing mothers. The certificate is regularly renewed, external control audits take place in the company every year.

ISO 22716 Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP): We received the GMP certificate in 2014, after an audit conducted by the TÜV NORD certification body. It proves that Canpol applies Good Manufacturing Practices - i.e. the best known rules, procedures and practices necessary to produce a good quality product, safe and free from contamination.  As part of GMP, we have introduced preventive hygiene zones in the company, increased standards of cleanliness in production and additional internal controls. The certificate is renewed periodically, once a year an external control audit takes place in Canpol.

ISO 13485 - Medical Devices Quality management systems: The standard has been partially implemented and is not certified. Introduced to ensure that sales of and the production of medical devices is carried out in accordance with the expectations of customers while ensuring compliance with the legal requirements for the safety of medical devices.

ISO 14001 - Environmental Management System: The standard has been introduced partially, not certified. Canpol takes into account environmental issues at every level of management. Our objective is to create programmes enabling environmentally friendly operations, such as the use of technical and technological solutions limiting the nuisance of processes at source, eliminating the use of substances harmful to the environment, conducting a rational, environmentally friendly business activity and non-threatening waste management, reduction of pollutant emissions, etc.

In view of the negative opinion of the European Commission regarding a chemical compound called bisphenol A (BPA) found in polycarbonate (PC) bottles for feeding babies, we have made a decision to incorporate in our polycarbonate products equivalent materials made of alternative raw materials (e.g., polypropylene, tritan, silicone) that do not contain BPA. Therefore, we warrant to our Customers that all Canpol babies products are made from carefully selected and safe materials and are free of BPA. The ”BPA free” label indicating that the product does not contain bisphenol A is affixed in a visible place on packaging of all Canpol products for feeding babies. Canpol babies accessories are also tested on a regular basis to ensure full quality control at each stage of production, starting from raw materials, through the production process and ending with the final product. The results of such tests confirm that they are completely safe. At the same time, we would like to emphasize that prior to putting products made of alternative materials on the market, Canpol babies polycarbonate baby feeding accessories were subjected to stringent testing for the presence of BPA in accordance with the standard in force in the Republic of Poland and the EU. It is worth pointing out that the content of BPA in Canpol babies feeding products was significantly lower than that allowed by the European Standard.

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