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On the dresser in the child's room there is a white blanket for a baby. The cover is trimmed with pink piping around the edges. On the blanket there is a water, transparent teether, which has the shape of a sheep.
How to choose the right teether?
24.10.2019 15:31

Choosing a teether is an individual matter and depends on your child's needs and taste. It's best to let the child make choice on his own.

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Feeding bottle with modified milk or breast milk with a symmetrical teat. The selection of a suitable teat is very important in the care and safety of the child.
How to choose a feeding teat?
21.10.2019 15:38

Are you planning to feed your baby with a bottle? You don't know which bottle teat to choose? Find out what is the difference between a rubber teat and a silicone teat, what shapes of teats we distinguish and how often we need to change feeding teats.

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The man is hugging from behind a woman who is holding a pregnancy test in her hand. They are smiling. The couple looks happy that their family will grow.
Pregnancy calendar: first trimester
21.10.2019 14:46


Do you want to know what your pregnancy looks like in the first trimester? Find out what awaits you during this period - what tests, symptoms and risks of pregnancy.

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Women is sitting on the big pillow. She is pregnant and she is looking at her belly and her hands are on the pregnant belly.
Diet and Nutrition During Pregnancy
08.10.2019 09:43

Each prospective mother knows the importance of healthy eating during pregnancy. 

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A pregnant woman is sitting on a bed in pajama pants, a loose T-shirt and an unbuttoned shirt. The woman holds one hand on her stomach and the other on her back.
Back Pain During Pregnancy - How To Avoid It
08.10.2019 11:33

Are you in the second trimester of pregnancy and your spine is starting to hurt? Learn what to avoid it during pregnancy, how to take care of your spine and what exercises to do.

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Pregnant belly and  the rabbit mascot lies on it.
Multiple Pregnancy - Things You Should Know
08.10.2019 12:30

In the past the multiple pregnancy aroused many emotions. Today no one wonders at twins, considering the recently born octuplets.

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