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A few-month-old baby is wearing navy blue pants and a striped long-sleeved body. The baby taking his first steps on all fours. Baby began his crawling adventure.
Crawling and the child's development - why is it so important?
16.10.2019 12:01

Crawling is a very important phase in the development of your child. It's not only physical but also mental training for him. Therefore, encourage your baby to crawl, but never force him to it.

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A several months old boy, dressed in a red and navy blue suit, sitting on the kitchen floor. The boy expresses his emotions with a shout, clearly displeased.
A little rebel - how to handle baby's protests
14.10.2019 14:33

A child up to 1 year old can not yet indicate that something does not suit him, other than through sounds, crying, body movement. At the beginning it was difficult for me to read when and what makes the toddler feel uncomfortable. I watched my Frank carefully so as not to duplicate activities during which he demonstrated "rebellion".

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 A woman in advanced pregnancy is standing with her belly exposed. A woman with a small child standing in front of her. The boy is interested in his mother's big belly and he's touching it with one hand.
When a sibling arrives…
14.10.2019 12:56

During pregnancy you were preparing your child for the arrival of a sibling. You thought the tot understood what was going to happen, and that by stroking and cuddling your belly he showed his feelings towards a baby brother or sister. Therefore, why does your older child begin to behave odd when you come home from a hospital with an infant?

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 The newly mother stays together with the child of several months in the pool. The baby has a great time splashing in the water. The mother belays the baby and keeps it on the surface.
Playing in a swimming pool
11.10.2019 15:08

Wondering why it's worth going to the swimming pool with your baby? I also wondered before I chose the classes that I could go to with my daughter, who was six months old at the time. I read, asked (called different swimming pools), consulted the idea (with doctors). After such an in-depth interview, I had no doubt that swimming classes were something for me and my bustling toddler.

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Family spends time together with their newborn baby. Dad lies on his back on the floor next to the Christmas tree and holds the baby on his extended arms.
Winter games at home
11.10.2019 15:52

What to do with your child on winter days? How to organize time to keep him from getting bored? Check how to make a winter collage, homemade snowballs and snow fluff.

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A young mother spends time with her several-month-old baby in the kitchen. A woman is making cookies with the baby. The infant is sitting on the counter alone and is helping mom in cooking.
Playing together in the kitchen
14.10.2019 09:09

Having fun together in the kitchen is a lot of fun. Yes, it's true! Are you afraid to let your child into the kitchen? Fear of being able to do something doesn't allow you to spend time together with your toddler in this room? I hope that after reading my article you will change your mind.

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