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A smiling infant sits on the ground in a park amongst a pile of yellowed leaves. The little one has a colorful wool cap on his head, on which lies an orange leaf.
Improving the child's immunity
11.10.2019 14:57

Autumn is a period particularly conducive to colds and more serious infections. Small children whose immune system is not yet well formed are particularly vulnerable. However, you can make sure that your baby is sick less. Below are some proven ways to strengthen his immunity.

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A young mother with a very freckled face is holding a baby cuddled up in her arms. Recently born baby is holding its head straight and rigid.
Tummy problems
11.10.2019 14:45

Colic, constipation, diarrhea, vomiting, intoxication, stomach flu? Tummy trouble is one of the most common and burning problems. To fight them effectively, find out the causes and symptoms of various ailments. Once you learn to distinguish them, you'll be able to react quickly and help the baby.

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Colorful tablets are lying on the open hand. When you take more medications or dietary supplements, consult your doctor to avoid unwanted reactions.
Truths and myths about antibiotics
11.10.2019 14:15

Your child is sick, are you wondering whether to give an antibiotic? You consider pros and cons heard "in the sandbox" or on the phone in conversation with your loved ones. Your baby is tiny and you don't want to give him a strong medicine. However, sometimes failing to do so can result in worse consequences.

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The baby lies on a white, shaggy blanket, looking straight into the camera. The blue-eyed baby has a rash on his face. The child clenches his fists and seems to feel discomfort.
Atopic dermatitis in infants
11.10.2019 09:40

How can you recognize atopic dermatitis in a baby? Why do children get atopic dermatitis? Learn how to prevent the symptoms of AD.

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 The infant lies in a cot. The child has a red rash on his cheeks. The baby looks straight ahead. The baby is wearing a white blouse with hearts.
Infant skin problems
11.10.2019 12:08

Have you become a happy mom? Learn more about your baby's very sensitive skin. What skin problems can arise and how to treat them?

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A young mother spends time with her newborn baby. The newborn baby is lying on his back on the changing table. The parent holds the baby feet in her hands and kisses one of the feet.
Hip care
11.10.2019 12:52


How to care for the proper development of the baby's hips? What should bother you? Check when to go with your child for a hip checkup.

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