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Canpol babies Basic Manual Breast Pump

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The Basic manual breast pump is extremely intuitive and easy to assemble and use. It's the perfect solution for moms who occasionally express milk. The small amount of breast pump components makes it easier to keep it clean

  • BPA free BPA free
  • Suggested age 0m+ Suggested age 0m+

Thanks to profiled funnel shape the pump tightly adheres to the breast.

The silicone massage cushion ensures gentle and efficient milk expression.

Ergonomic handle enables comfortable holding of the pump and easy expression.

The stabilizing stand allows to keep the breast pump in an upright position when is not used.

Compatible with all Canpol babies wide and narrow neck bottles.

Additional info

The Basic manual breast pump thanks to the attached adapter fits all Canpol babies wide and narrow neck bottles.The kit includes: a breast pump, 120 ml narrow neck bottle with teat 3m +, adapter, food storage accessories (screw cap and sealing disc)

How to use

Before the first and each subsequent use of the breast pump parts and bottle / container, wash, rinse and disinfect them thoroughly by pouring boiling water or in a steam sterilizer. After disinfection, wait for the individual parts of the breast pump to cool down. Do not start assembly of the body when parts are warm or wet, because the pump can work badly. Before expressing the food, wash your hands thoroughly and check that the breast pump has been washed and disinfected and assembled as instructed. Check that the individual parts of the breast pump are correctly fitted. To express milk, place the nipple deeply in the funnel and press the massage pad to the breast so that it adheres tightly to the breast and that no air escapes. Otherwise extraction will not be effective and the handle will not return to its original position during extraction. Do not remove the massage pad from the funnel - it stimulates the outflow of milk. During pumping, a vacuum should be created, which is a condition for proper operation of the breast pump. Place the breast on the breast pad so that it adheres to it as much as possible. Move the breast pump handle evenly. You will notice that milk is flowing regularly. Such slower, deeper pumping imitates breast sucking by the baby. Food will flow out of the breast faster if you lean forward a little while expressing (in this position, when the mother has an overfilled breast, drops of milk flow out of the breast often without compressing the areola). Remember to keep the bottle upright. After expressing the milk, unscrew the breast pump body, disassemble it into parts and wash in warm water with a mild cleaning agent, then rinse thoroughly. Dry all components thoroughly on a cloth or teat and bottle dryer.


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