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Canpol babies Bath Robe 80x95 cm

Symbol: 26/300

A practical bath robe with a hood is irreplaceable during the evening bath.It is made of 84% cotton, which perfectly absorbs residual water and 16% polyester, which allows you to maintain body heat for a long time. It is soft and delicate, so it does not irritate the skin. Loose cut does not restrict the child's movements.The sewn-on hood protects the wet head from cooling down. Bath robe dimensions: 80x95cm.

  • BPA free BPA free
  • Suggested age 0m+ Suggested age 0m+
  • Washing safe Washing safe

It perfectly absorbs moisture and helps to keep the body warm for a long time.

The loose cut does not restrict the child's moves.

The special hood protects the wet head from cooling down.

It is soft and delicate so it doesn't irritate children's skin.

Additional info

The product is available in several colors.
Composition: 84% cotton, 16% polyester.
Dimensions: 80x95cm.

How to use

Before first use, wash the Bath Robe according to the instructions on the label. After use, leave the Bath Robe to dry completely. For hygiene reasons and to limit bacterial growth, we recommend washing the Bath Robe regularly as indicated on the label.
Attention! The product is not a toy. Use only under adult supervision. To avoid the risk of suffocation, keep unused clothing out of the reach of children.


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