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Canpol babies Electric Breast Pump Easy&Natural

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Easy&Natural Electric Breast Pump facilitates feeding at the beginning of lactation. It is also very useful later when lactation is stabilized. It has automatic phase change, which means there is no need to do it manually. It has 18 suction power settings, so you can adjust the rhythm and suction power depending on your needs and preferences.
The intuitive control panel makes it easy to use. The silent pump and the soft, silicone massage pad significantly improve comfort when expressing milk. It is small and handy. You can always have it with you.
The breast pump is available in a set with an anti-colic bottle and it is compatible with all narrow and wide-neck Canpol babies bottles.

  • BPA free BPA free
  • Suggested age 0m+ Suggested age 0m+

MOM FRIENDLY- friendly for mothers who have not used a breastpump before - automatically changes the pumping phase.

2 SUCTION PHASES - the breastpump mimics the natural two-phase sucking rythm of a child. In the stimulation phase it stimulates milk flow and in the deep pumping phase it effectively pumps milk.

18 OPERATION MODES - 9 suction power settings available for each pumping phase - a total of 18 operating modes to match the breastpump to your individual needs.

GENTLE MASSAGE - delicate massage and soft silicone pad increase your comfort during milk withdrawal.

EASY TO KEEP CLEAN - a small number of elements will make it easier for you to clean and assemble the breastpump.

ANTI-RETURN VALVE - causes the milk to go straight into the bottle and not back into the lactator mechanism.

SMALL AND HANDY  - the breastpump fits in the beautician's case, you can always have it with you.

Additional info

Thanks to the bottle adapter, milk can be expressed directly into all wide and narrow-neck bottles. The set includes: control panel, breast pump with a wide-neck bottle 120 ml, a teat 3m+, food storage set (screw cap and seal), AC adapter, breast pump storage bag, bottle adapter, spare parts.

How to use

Disconnect the silicone tube and the connector from the breast pump. These elements do not require cleaning, because the membrane protects them from contact with food. Before first use, dismantle the following parts of the breast pump: membrane cap, membrane, breast pump body with funnel, silicone massage pad, funnel cover, silicone valve, bottle adapter and bottle.
Wash all those parts with hot water and a mild detergent, then rinse thoroughly. Disinfect by placing in boiling water for about 5 minutes. Dry thoroughly before assembly and subsequent use. Before the first and each subsequent use, wash the teat with warm water and disinfect it by placing it in boiling water for about 5 minutes. WARNING! Do not wash the silicone tube and the connector and especially do not wash electrical components. Wipe with a damp cloth.
Make sure that the breast pump has been cleaned and disinfected before. Wash your hands thoroughly. To check if the milk ducts aren't clogged, squeeze the nipple gently. Connect the breast pump to the power supply. The breast pump is equipped with a touch screen. Touch the ON/OFF icon to start pumping. The breast pump will switch on and immediately start working in the stimulation phase. The first time you use it, the pump will begin its work in first mode. Next time it will begin its work in the stimulation phase from the mode you used last time. When milk will appear, press the phase change icon to switch to the pumping phase. The button allows switching between stimulation and expression phases as many times as you need. If you don’t change the phase yourself, after 2 minutes of working in the stimulation phase, the breast pump will be automatically switched to the expression phase. The breast pump will start its work in the phase which was set before. Warning! Each time the phase of expression is changed, the duration of the selected phase is counted from the beginning. WARNING! The breast pump switches off automatically after 30 min. of work. If you want to stop pumping earlier, touch the ON/OFF icon and turn off the breast pump.
WARNING! Before putting the breast pump away from the breast, make sure it is turned off. If necessary, you can put the breast pump away during pumping by placing your finger between the pad and the breast (just as you do it when putting the child away).
When the expression is done unplug the adapter. Do not leave the appliance connected to power if it is unused.

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