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Canpol babies Electric Musical Mobile SPRING MEADOW

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The Electric Musical Mobile SPRING MEADOW has as many as 6 different melodies to choose from. It is equipped with a comfortable handle which facilitates mounting to a crib. Toys can be detached and used as teethers. They are made of seamless plastic without pointy or printed elements - the baby cas safely play without the risk of wiping off the print with teeth. Each toy has rattling elements. The product is easy to keep clean, so it's suitable for allergy sufferers. Designed for children 0m+.

  • BPA free BPA free
  • Suggested age 0m+ Suggested age 0m+

The mobile has up to 6 different melodies to choose from with adjustable sound volume.

Equipped with a comfortable handle so it can be easily attached to a cot.

The toys can be detached and used as teethers.

Each of the toys is equipped with rattling elements, which is an additional attraction.

The toy is easy to keep clean so it's suitable for children with allergies. 

Additional info

The mobile should be installed according to the instructions included in the package. The toy is powered by AAA type batteries (batteries are not included). The carousel cannot be dishwashed or disinfected. If uclean, wipe the music box with a damp cloth and wash plastic figurines under running water with a soft brush and a mild baby detergent.
Toy for children aged 0m+.

How to use

The Musical Mobile must be installed according to the instructions included in the package (mounting elements may slightly differ from the drawings shown). You must place the carousel above the child's head, in the child's sight. The product is powered by AAA batteries (not included in the package). The music box has a volume control button. To turn on or off, use the on/off button.
Keep the toy clean. If dirty, wipe the music box with a damp cloth. The plastic figurines can be washed under running using a soft brush with a mild baby detergent. Always rinse thoroughly. The product cannot be washed in a dishwasher or disinfected.
Caution! Check the condition of the mobile before use. Do not use if damaged or worn down. Dispose of damaged or used toys in accordance with the waste disposal regulations. To prevent possible injury, remove the toy from reach of the toddler, when they start crawling.


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