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Canpol babies Soft Sensory Blocks 12 pcs

Symbol: 79/102

Colourful sensory blocks are suitable for babies aged 6 months. The blocks are perfect both for younger and older children. Thanks to their interesting shapes and colours they stimulate the development of baby's visual-auditory and motor coordination. The blocks have convex sides that allow them to fit together. Each block has different shapes, animals and also numbers for older children. They make sounds when being squeezed. Thanks to their structure, they can be used as a teether. Perfect for the first gift.

  • BPA free BPA free

Additional info

Suitable for children aged 6m+.
12 pcs of colourful blocks per package.

How to use

Keep the blocks clean. Wash them regularly under a running water with a soft brush and a mild detergent. Rinse thoroughly. Before the first use, pour them with boiling water. Do not boil, do not sterilize. If they are worn, damaged or bitten, replace the with a new set. Remove all elements of packaging before giving the toy to a child. Keep the packaging out of reach of children to prevent the risk of suffocation. Keep the instructions of use as it contains important information.


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