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Canpol babies Breathable Hygene Postpartum Pads Night 10 pcs

Symbol: 78/001

Breathable Hygene Postpartum Pads due to their size, will work well at night and in the first days after childbirth. The soft, completely breathable natural outer shell does not stratify and does not stick to the skin. A wide adhesive strip keeps the foundation in place. The contoured shape provides comfort while wearing and protection in the lying position. The thin structure ensures discretion of wearing.The gelling insert quickly absorbs and retains moisture inside the foundation. 10 pieces in the package.

Soft, natural external layer adheres tightly to the interlining. Underpads do not delaminate or stick to the skin and thanks to that do not cause skin irritation.

Wide adhesive strip holds the pad in an appropriate place.

Wide, contoured shape provides comfort when laying and walking.

Thin structure provides discreet use.

Super absorbent interlining quickly absorbs fluids and retains moisture inside.

They are entirely breathable.

Additional info

10 pieces in the package.
Breathable Hygene Postpartum Pads size
width: 19 cm, length: 38 cm.
Postpartum Pads thickness: 7mm.

How to use

Breathable Hygene Postpartum Pads for women during childbirth. Due to the increased absorbency and larger size than standard postpartum pads, they are perfect at night. Store them in a dry place.
Warning! Change postpartum pads regularly. Throw it away after use.


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