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Canpol babies Musical Mobile with Projector pink

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The Electric Musical Mobile is equipped with projector, music box and plush toys that will interest the toddler.
Thanks to its functions, the toy positively affects the development of visual and auditory coordination of the child. The projector displays stars and moons in different colors. Nice sounds of the music box and sounds of nature will calm the baby and soothe it to sleep. The carousel has a choice of up to 25 melodies.

  • BPA free BPA free
  • Suggested age 0m+ Suggested age 0m+

Projector - displays shapes of stars and moons in different colors.

25 different melodies and sounds of nature - they will calm your baby and soothe them to sleep.

Remote control allows to turn the carousel on/off from a distance.

Automatic switch-off - the mobile turns off automatically after 40 minutes.

Additional info

The mobile should be installed according to the instructions included in the package. The toy is powered by AA type batteries (batteries are not included). The carousel cannot be dishwashed or disinfected. If uclean, wash according to the instructions in the attached label.
Toy for children aged 0m+. Note: The upper frame of the cribs barrier to which the mobile will be attached should be 30-55 mm high, but its width must not exceed 50 mm (to ensure safe tightening of the screw).

How to use

Install the mobile according to the instructions included in the package (the mounting elements may slightly differ from the drawings shown). You must place the carousel above the child's head, in the child's sight but out of its reach. The toy is powered by AA batteries (the package does not contain batteries). To turn on/off the music box press on/off button.
Keep the toy clean. In case of staining, wash plush toys according to the instructions on the label.
Caution! Check the condition of the toy before use. Do not use if damaged or worn out. Dispose of damaged or used toys in accordance with waste disposal regulations. To prevent possible injury, remove the toy when the toddler starts crawling.


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