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Canpol babies Baby Brush and Comb with Soft Natural Bristles NEWBORN BABY blue

Symbol: 7/406_blu

Hair brush with natural, soft bristlesand a comb NEWBORN BABY - in a set. For the daily care of your baby's hair. The comb has rounded teeth that do not irritate baby's sensitive skin. Brushes gently by massaging the baby's head strengthening its hair. Can be used event in the first days after birth. The kit is available in several different colors.

  • BPA free BPA free
  • Suggested age 0m+ Suggested age 0m+

The brush made of natural, soft bristles gently massages the child's head strengthening the hair.

The comb has rounded teeth that do not irritate sensitive child’s skin.

The brush does not cause static hair.

The shape of the brush and the comb handles make them easy to hold.

Additional info

The brush designed for children ages 0+. Kit is available in several colors.
The kit can not be scalded with boiling water

How to use

Before the first use, wash the brush and the comb in warm water with a soft baby detergent and rinse thoroughly. The bristles of the brush can be dried by a hair dryer. Keep the set clean. Regularly wash in warm water with a soft baby detergent and rinse. Do not scald or pour boiling water. Warning! The product is not a toy. Keep it out of reach children. Check the product before each use. Discard in case of first signs of damage


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