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Canpol babies Digital Thermometer

Symbol: 9/104

The new generation thermometer will measure your child's body temperature in a few minutes. It is equipped with a digital display which enables precise temperature reading. It has also audible signal that will notify you when the measurement process is complete. Measuring range 32.0-42.9°C. The set also includes: practical case for hygienic storage.

  • BPA free BPA free
  • Mercury free Mercury free
  • Suggested age 0m+ Suggested age 0m+

Precise temperature measurement.

It can be measured in three different ways.

Digital display, accurate and easy to read.

Quick measurement. Accurate reading is obtained after 1-5 min.

A practical storage case included.

Additional info

Canpol babies thermometer is a medical device. That means that it meets the requirements of Directive 93/42/EEC concerning medical devices. Thanks to this, it guarantees the highest quality and does not contain any potentially toxic substances.
Measuring range 32.0-42.9°C. Accuracy to 0.1°C.
Thermometer weight with battery: about 9.5 g. Dimension: 133mm x 21mm x 12mm
Does not contain mercury (Hg). Battery life: over 200 hours of continuous use.
WARNING! The thermometer is not impact resistant. It cannot be scalded or disinfected.

How to use

Keep it clean. Clean before each and after every use. Wipe the tip of the thermometer with cotton wool soaked in a solution of max. 70% alcohol. Wipe the display with a damp cloth.
To turn on the thermometer, press the button next to the display. You will hear a short beep and the display will show 188.8M°E, which means that the thermometer is on. If you want to play the last temperature measurement, hold down the button for 2 seconds. After those 2 seconds it will appear on the display with the symbol “M". If the room temperature is higher than 32.0°C, the display will show the temperature instead of "Lo°". A flashing "°C" means the thermometer is ready for use.
When the battery is low, symbol “╦“ appears on the display. To change the battery, remove the battery cover. Then remove the used battery with a toothpick or tweezers and insert a new one. Make sure the battery is inserted correctly, i.e. symbol plus shall be at top. Place the battery cover. The temperature with this electronic thermometer can be measured: in the mouth, under the arm and rectally (through the anus). Warning! If you use the rectal method at least once, do not use the thermometer orally for sanitary reasons.
When the temperature reaches the highest possible measurement or the current temperature level is measured, the "°C" symbol will stop flashing and you will hear a sound signal. If the temperature exceeds 37.5°C, you will hear a sound twice as loud.
To turn off the thermometer, press the button next to the display. Warning! The child's temperature should be measured under adult supervision. This product is not a toy. Keep out of reach of children. Do not bend the thermometer tip excessively, do not throw it, or remove the battery cover. Check the product before each use. Discard if damaged or at first sign of wear and tear.

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