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Canpol babies Electric Steam Sterilizer

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The electric steam sterilizer allows you to quickly and easily disinfect baby feeding and care accessories. At the same time it will hold 5-6 bottles and other small accessories. Sterilization takes up to 12 minutes.To disinfect it uses only 100ml of water. It has a specially designed filter container, which facilitates the removal of dirt and water, after completion of the disinfection process. It does not require the use of additional chemicals. Pliers are attached to the sterilizer.

  • BPA free BPA free

It is very capacious, will allow you to sterilize up to 5-6 baby bottles and other small accessories.

The sterilization process takes up to 12 minutes.

It is very economical, for sterilization it uses only 100 ml of water.

A specially designed container with filter facilitates removal of dirt and water after sterilization.

The steriliser is equipped with tongs , which allow to pull out hot items.

It does not require any additional chemicals.

Additional info

The sterilizer is equipped with pliers to remove hot parts.
After the process is completed, the sterilizer will turn off automatically. You will hear a sound signal informing you that the process has been completed and the control LED will go out.
Store the device in a box or in a clean, dry place. Never hide the sterilizer when it is wet or dirty, and do not wrap the power cord around the device.
Use boiled water for disinfection to minimize scale buildup on the device. Do not use softened water in the sterilizer
Important! Under no circumstances should you use agents other than citric acid or vinegar to remove the scale, as this may cause irreparable damage to the product. Do not use any corrosive substances or chemicals to clean the product. Do not use bleach or chemical disinfectant solutions / tablets in the sterilizer or on products to be sterilized in it.

How to use

Before using for the first time, clean the inside of the sterilizer and its components and wipe it with a dry cloth. Important! Do not immerse the sterilizer body in water! Perform the first sterilization "empty" to disinfect its interior. Pour 100ml water onto the hob. Place the base basket on the construction stem, and then the bottle stabilizer so that the necks of these elements touch each other. When placing items to be disinfected, make sure that the steam can circulate effectively over all surfaces and that condensed water can easily drain into the filter container.
Place the bottles upside down on the structure, placing them through the bottle stabilizer and placing the base on the tabs of the basket.Then put and lock the basket on the shaft, and then put all the accessories in it. Place such a complex structure in the sterilizer's body and put the lid on.
Connect the device to the power socket and press the power switch. Do not lift the cover during operation. After the end of the sterilizer will switch off automatically.
To remove disinfected elements, wait for the sterilizer to cool down. It should cool down for min. 3 minutes. Unplug the power cord and remove the cover. The contents of the sterilizer will remain sterile up to 6 hours after the end of the process, provided that the lid is not removed. Removed components should be used / assembled as soon as the process is complete or sterilized again. After using the device and removing the elements, unfasten the filter container protection, remove the filter container, pour out the water left after disinfection and rinse the container. Finally, wipe the inside of the body and container with a cloth to prevent limescale or deposits. Important! You can use the sterilizer again after about 10 minutes from the last disinfection.
Remove the stone from the sterilizer every four weeks to ensure its effective operation. Descaling may be performed using a solution of citric acid or vinegar.


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