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Canpol babies Manual Breast Pump

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The classic pear breast pump is a perfect solution for moms expressing food occasionally. It has few elements, making it easy to assemble and keep clean. The suction power depends on the intensity of pressing the pear. The set includes a 125ml plastic bottle with a rubber teat slow.

  • BPA free BPA free
  • Suggested age 0m+ Suggested age 0m+

The silicone massage cushion placed in the breast pump funnel clears the milk ducts and ensures that the milk is expressed precisely.

Additional info

A 125ml plastic bottle with slow flow rubber teat, cap, screw cap and sealing disc are included in the set with the Breast Pump.
Attention! Pear protected by talcum powder. Before first use, it is recommended to wipe with a damp cloth.

How to use

Before the first and every subsequent use of the breast pump parts, wash in warm water with a mild liquid, rinse thoroughly and disinfect in a sterilizer (without a pear) or steaming. Before each use, clean the bottle and rinse the teat. Do not wash the breast pump, bottle and teat in the dishwasher, as detergents may damage the product. Do not use any disinfectants. The bottle and teat should not be boiled or disinfected in a steam / electric sterilizer. In order to disinfection, pour boiling water.
Wash your hands thoroughly before installing the breast pump. Place the silicone seal into the body of the breast pump and screw the breast pump onto the bottle. Check if there is a round gasket on the white head. Place the yellow button in the white head together with the transparent silicone sleeve and connect with the breast pump body. Connect the breast pump with a pear using a silicone tube. Before using the breast pump, wipe your breasts with a damp cloth. Put the breast pump on your chest.
Try to fit the silicone insert to your breast properly, making sure it fits tightly. During pumping, a vacuum should be created, which is a condition for proper operation of the breast pump. Remember that the best effect is achieved when the nipple is deep in the funnel opening. When you gently press the pear you will feel breast sucking. If the suction power is too high, reduce the vacuum by pressing the yellow button on the breast pump head. Press the pear with gentle, small movements until the milk begins to flow into the bottle. Then stop compressing the pear and wait until the food flows freely into the bottle. Repeat the above steps in a rhythmic and cyclical way until the desired amount of food is obtained.


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