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Set of Silicone Symmetrical Soothers 18m+ PURE COLOR 2pcs

Symbol: 22/646_bei

The PURE COLOR soother set was designed with the youngest in mind. It is available in 3 colours, inspired by the latest trends. Soothers from the PURE COLOR collection are small and lightweight - the lightest of all the soothers available in Canpol babies offer. Specially profiled flat shape of the shield with small holes guarantees proper air flow and minimizes the risk of skin irritation. They are made of highest quality, odourless and tasteless silicone and equipped with a comfortable grip. The grip facilitates administering of the soother and allows for a simple attachment to the soother holder. Soothers are designed for children aged 18m+.

  • BPA free BPA free
  • Sterilizer safe Sterilizer safe
  • Suggested age 18m+ Suggested age 18m+

Specially profiled flat shape of the shield guarantees proper air flow and minimizes the risk of skin irritation.

Small and lightweight - the lightest soother by Canpol babies.

The nipple is made of transparent and tasteless silicone.

New colours - inspired by latest trands.

Comfortable handle - facilitates administering of the soother and allows for a simple attachment to the soother holder.

Additional info

The Soother available in 3 sizes:
22/644 (A) 0-6 months
22/645 (B) 6-18 months
22/646 (C) 18+ months
The package contains 2 pieces.
BPA free.

How to use

Keep the soother clean. Before the first use of the product boil it in hot water for 5 minutes. Then, after cooling, squeeze out the remaining water. For hygiene, wash the soother regularly in warm running water. Steam in hot water at least once a day, and each time the soother falls out to the ground. Do not use in a dishwasher or microwave. Can be disinfected and scalded. For cleaning do not use antibacterial or abrasive detergents. Their excessive concentration may eventually cause damage to the plastic parts.
Never clean baby's soother in your mouth! You may pass your infections to the baby. Do not dip the soother in honey, sugar or any other sweet liquid - this may cause teeth decay or other oral problems.
Store the Soother in a dry Soother Container. Soother with matt or cracked tip has to be replaced with a new one before the baby bites it off with the risk of choking. To ensure the comfort and safety of the baby, replace the pacifier every 1-2 months. In the unlikely event that the child places the whole soother in its mouth DO NOT panic. The Soother is designed so that it can not be swallowed by a baby. As soon as you notice that your toddler has put the pacifier in its mouth, remove it as gently as possible.
Warning: Before each use, carefully inspect the product. Pull the soother in all directions. In case of any damage, discard the product. If the child already has teeth and still uses a soother, regularly check if the tip is not nibbled. Do not leave the soother in direct exposure to sunlight, near heat sources or disinfecting substances for longer than recommended, as this may weaken the tip. We recommend that the child's weans off the soother by the age of 3 years.


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