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Canpol babies Soft Contrast Ball SENSORY TOYS

Symbol: 68/082

The contrast ball with rattle from the SENSORY TOYS collection has interactive elements that will interest your child for a long time. It supports the development of the toddler from the first days. It stimulates the eyesight, thanks to red and black - the first colors that newborns see. The book perfectly stimulates the development of visual, auditory and motor coordination of the child.  It has been designed to allow the toddler to learn to grasp, stimulate the sense of touch and encourage the discovery of new shapes and sounds. It has a rattle, rustling elements and interesting ribbons. The ball is soft and nice to the touch. The toy can be rolled and thrown, which is a natural stage of the baby's development. Designed for children 0m+.       




  • Suggested age 0m+ Suggested age 0m+
  • Hand wash only Hand wash only
  • BPA free BPA free

Stimulates the eyesight - with red and black - the first colors that newborns see. 

Trains motor and manual skills - thanks to the easy-to-grip components.

Stimulates the sense of hearing - through rustling and rattling.    

Additional info

Toy designed for children aged 0m+. It should not be washed in a washing machine. Hand wash only.

How to use

Keep the toy clean, the washing method indicated on the label. Wash by hand at 30°C with mild baby detergent. Check the quality of the product and remove all packaging before giving it to your baby. Replace if worn out or damaged.To avoid the risk of suffocation, immediately remove the packaging from the child's reach.


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