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Canpol babies Contrast Take Along Mobile SENSORY TOYS

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The contrast musical mobile from the SENSORY TOYS collection has interactive elements that will occupy your child for a long time. It supports the development of the toddler from the first days. It stimulates the eyesight, thanks to red and black - the first colors that newborns see.  The toy positively affects the development of visual, auditory and motor coordination of the child. It has a bell, rustling elements and rattles. Two mirrors are an additionall attraction - every child likes to look around and observe the world. The musical mobile will be perfect for walks and travels, thanks to a convenient clip that will allow you to mount it to a seat, stroller, crib, and also as an additional element to the Canpol babies sensory mat. 
Magnets in toys allow the elements to be detached, thanks to which the child has an additional toy in the form of a rattle. It is soft and nice to the touch, designed for children 0m+. 




  • Suggested age 0m+ Suggested age 0m+
  • BPA free BPA free

Stimulates the eyesight - with red and black - the first colors that newborns see. 

Trains motor and manual skills - thanks to the easy-to-grip components.

Stimulates the sense of hearing - through rustling elements, squeakers and rattles.

The size of the musical mobile and the possibility of hooking - will make it easier to take the carousel for a walk and a journey.

Detachable toys with sound elements will be an additional attraction for the child.

Two mirrors made of safe material - encourage children to play - babies like to look in mirrors and observe the world.

Additional info

Toy designed for children aged 0m+. 

How to use

Remove all packaging elements before installing the toy. To avoid the risk of suffocation, immediately remove the packaging from the child's reach. Make sure that all the small parts are properly and steadily attached and pointing forwards. Attach the toy to the edge of the pram's canopy out of baby's reach and make sure it is securely fastened. Installation and checking of the construction of the toy should always be done by an adult before each use. Keep the toy clean, the washing method indicated on the label. Check the condition of the toy before each use. Replace if worn out or damaged.

Caution: To prevent possible injury, remove the toy when the toddler starts crawling.

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