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Canpol babies Activity Playmat with Playpen Function SENSORY TOYS

Symbol: 68/077

The contrasting SENSORY TOYS actvity playmat has interactive elements that will intrest your child for a long time. The contrasting colours are perfect for a newborn, as the they only see contrasts at the beginning of their life. The mat is filled with a layer of insulation that insulates the child from the cold floor. The mat grows with the child, it can be used as a playmat, classic mat with toys on the arches and a mat without arches. It is equipped with 5 toys: rattles, teethers, mirrors. An additional attraction is a large detachable mirror, which can be fastened anywhere. Toys from arches can be detached and given to the child to play with. The mat is designed for children 0m+. The mat is compatible with other toys from the SENSORY TOYS collection, e.g. stroller toys, which can be easily fastened on the arches.


  • BPA free BPA free
  • Suggested age 0m+ Suggested age 0m+

Different textures develop the sense of touch.

Large, detachable mirror and contrasting toys develop the sense of sight.

It is equipped with toys, which which make sounds - develop the sense of hearing. 

3in1 Grows with a child - mat with a function of a playpen, mat with toys on the arches, mat without arches.

The mat has warming lining thanks to which it perfectly insulates a baby from the cold floor.

The toys can be easily detached from the arches and given to a child as a regular toys.

The mat supports the development of the child's senses and stimulates the child to be active.

Create a set with other toys from the SENSORY TOYS collection.

Additional info

There are 5 plush and plastic musical toys on the arches. On the mat there is a mirror, a music box, a rustling circle, and contrasting ribbons.
The mat is designed for children aged 0m+.
Size of the mat after unfolding 110cm.
Size of the mat with folded sides 80cm.
Height of the arches at the point of joining 57cm.
The mat should not be washed in a washing machine. Cleaning method shown on the label. In case of dirt, clean the surface by wiping with a damp cloth.

How to use

Keep the toy clean. Cleaning method shown on the label. Do not wash the mat in the washing machine. If dirty, clean the mat's surface by wiping it with a damp cloth. Warning! Assemble all the elements together before you place your baby on it. To avoid suffocation, keep the packaging out of reach of children. Check the quality of the toy before use. Replace worn or damaged toys with new ones.

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