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Canpol babies Training Cup with Silicone Spout 150ml SO COOL pink

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This training cup with colourful SO COOL prints is perfect for learning how to drink independently. It is equipped with comfortable handles which help the child to hold the cup. Its wide neck makes washing and pouring liquids easier. The soft silicone spout does not irritate baby's delicate gums. By removing the handles you can easily change the cup into a water bottle for older children. Tight cover protects the spout against dirt. Suitable for children aged 6m+. Capacity: 150ml.

  • BPA free BPA free
  • Suggested age 6m+ Suggested age 6m+
  • Dishwasher safe Dishwasher safe
  • Microwave safe Microwave safe

Additional info

Suitable for children aged 6m+.
Capacity: 150ml.
Available in several colours.
By removing the handles you can easily change the cup into a water bottle for older children.
The cup can be used in dishwasher (max. temp. 60°C) and in microwave (without spout and cap). The product cannot be sterilized in sterilizers or boiling water. Can be poured with boiling water.

How to use

Keep it clean. Before the first and each subsequent use, wash all the dismantled parts in warm water with a mild detergent, rinse thoroughly. Pour boiling water. Do not boil. Do not sterilize. Avoid rough, surface-scratching tools during use and cleaning. Do not enlarge the spout holes and do not create additional holes. This may cause damage. Thick liquid e.g. suspensions with fruit pieces may cork a spout. Check the product before each use. Discard if damaged or at first sign of wear and tear. This product can be used in dishwasher (max. temp. 60°C). It is not recommended to clean the spout in a dishwasher as detergents/cleaners may damage the product. The cup can be used in microwave without its collar and handles. If you heat a drink in a microwave, remember that the cup must be open. Take special care when heating food in a microwave. Always stir heated fluids to ensure even distribution of temperature. Check the temperature before serving. Do not fill the cup with hot or carbonated drinks. High pressure can cause fluid spillage. The product should not be placed in a preheated oven or heated on a gas or electric stove. For your child’s safety and health. WARNING! Always use this product under adult supervision. Never use the spout as a soother. Continuous and prolonged suckling of fluids may cause tooth decay. Always check the liquid temperature before feeding. Remember that liquids and food heated in a microwave can heat unevenly or to very high temperatures. Warning! This product is not a toy. Always keep all parts out of reach of children. Keep the instructions of use as it contains important information. Batch code is on the packaging. Before assembling attach the handle to the collar.

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